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TokenForums is a community of TokenForums Experts who are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide accurate, complete, and timely answers to your TokenForums related questions.

Concept: Get Paid to Give Advice Online and Earn Money in Home

Availability: No geographical restriction, anybody can join.


  • We won’t recommend this site, because Site Ranking is quite low. If you wish you can give it a try.

Payment Type: 25$ is the minimum Payout Limit and All payments are made in US Dollars. Payments are made via Paypal.

Popularity: has 952011 traffic rank in world by alexa. is getting 1155 page views per day and making USD 3.47 daily.

Join Now Overview has 952011 traffic rank in world by alexa. is getting 1155 page views per day and making USD 3.47 daily. has 538 back links according to yahoo and currently not listed in Dmoz directory. is hosted in United States at XO COMMUNICATIONS data center. is most popular in INDIA. Estimated worth of is USD 2533.1 according to website outlook

How Does Works?

Do you find that people often come to you to ask TokenForums questions? Do you spend time giving TokenForums advice to others on discussion forums or chat rooms? Wouldn’t be nice if you can continue to help others and get paid at the same time? Well, you can!

TokenForums has created a unique and effective TokenForums question and answer community that allows members to post TokenForums questions with a monetary incentive. By becoming an Expert, you can answer questions on the TokenForums site and earn cash!

When Inquirers post questions, they include a monetary incentive with their question in the form of tokens. Tokens are basically our community’s currency. If you answer a question with an incentive and your answer is accepted by the inquirer, you are awarded the question’s tokens.

At the end of the month, if you have earned enough tokens, your tokens will be converted into cash and you will receive a payout. Referral / Affiliate Program

Who's It For

Tokenforums affiliate partner program is designed for website owners (publishers) who want to take advantage of TokenForums’ unique community software and revenue model and have less than 1 million page views per month.

If you have more than 1 million page views per month, then you may qualify for our While Label Partner Program.

How It Works

In this program, a special tracking link is placed on the publisher’s website, pointing to the TokenForums community. This link includes a unique affiliate identifier to monitor all traffic originating from the affiliate’s site to the TokenForums’ community. When a user signs-up with the TokenForums community, the affiliate identifier is associated with that user. When that user submits an incented question and accepts an answer, the affiliate partner receives a percentage of tokens from that question.

What It Pays

Affiliate partners earn a 10% commission each time an inquirer originating from the affiliate’s site accepts an answer for his or her incented question.

Here’s an example:

Question Incentive:                10 Tokens
US Dollar Value:                  $10.00
Affiliate Commission (10%):        $1.00

Getting Paid

TokenForums pays affiliates by the fifth (5th) day of every month. You must have a commission balance of $25 or more to receive a payout. If your commission balance is below this amount at the time of payout, you continue to accumulate commissions until you reach this minimum balance.

TokenForums uses PayPal to send payments in US Dollars. When you setup your affiliate account, you provide your PayPal email address, which we use to send your commission payments.

Publisher Requirements

In order to qualify for the TokenForums affiliate partner program, publishers must have a minimum of 100,000 page views per month and pass a site review process. Once approved, affiliates residing in the United States must complete and return an IRS W-9 form to earn commissions.

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