Selasa, 11 Oktober 2011 Reviews - Getting Paid for Giving Advice Online and Make Money in Home is Founded in 2006, the BitWine Advisor Network is the premier online destination for anyone who is seeking expert advice. has recruited professionals from fields as diverse as Nutrition, Technology, Psychic Reading, Travel, and has made these experts available for face-to-face consultation via computer, right in the comfort of your own home.

BitWine has partnered with the industry-leading Internet video and voice communications company, Skype, and the industry-leading Internet payments company, PayPal, to create a network that is both safe and easy to use.

BitWine offers programs for clients seeking expert advice, professionals and experts looking to share their knowledge, and affiliate websites desiring to give their users immediate access to qualified advisors in the field of their choice.

Concept: Getting Paid for Giving Advice Online and Make Money in Home

Availability: BitWine is a service that can be used anywhere in the world. However, it is important for you to check PayPal to make sure it supports payments to and from your home country.


  • People from India can’t Associate PayPal account with Bitwine. So Indians don’t join waste your precious time.

Payment Type: You Need to Associate your Paypal Account with Bitwine to Get Payments.

Popularity: has 335124 traffic rank in world by alexa. is getting 3282 page views per day and making USD 12.08 daily.

Join Now Overview has 335124 traffic rank in world by alexa. is getting 3282 page views per day and making USD 12.08 daily. has 47478 back links according to yahoo and listed in Dmoz directory. is hosted in at data center. is most popular in UNITED STATES. Estimated worth of is USD 8818.4 according to website outlook

How Does Works?

&feature=player_embedded Referral / Affiliate Program

Have a Website? Get BitWine!

The BitWine Affiliate Network is your opportunity to provide your website visitors with easy access to relevant, expert advisors, while earning yourself a percentage of the fees collected by the advisors promoted on your site.

Joining the BitWine Affiliate Network is fast and easy! Complete a 1-page registration, select an account for us to send your affiliate payments to, and then create the BitWine affiliate widgets to put on your website. These widgets will promote BitWine Advisors who have expertise directly related to the content of your website, ensuring that they are always interesting and relevant to your visitors.

Affiliate Program Highlights:

  • Receive up to 50% of the commissions collected by BitWine for calls originating from your website.
  • Earn passive, long-term revenue from Advisors and Clients who join BitWine through your website.
  • Increase your repeat visitors and keep them on your site.
  • Add live content to your pages.
  • Multiply your site's informational value.
  • Grow your revenues with no risk.
  • It's free!

Being a BitWine Affiliate is free, adds value to your website, and adds weight to your pocketbook. So what are you waiting for?

Join Now!

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