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Keen®, Your Personal Advisor, provides live, immediate advice for your everyday life. At, and through 1-800-ASK-KEEN, you browse the listings of people selling their advice to find the right advisor for you. After choosing an advisor, you'll be connected to that person live over the phone. Your privacy is ensured because Keen makes the call--your phone number and other personal information are never revealed.

Anyone with knowledge and advice to share can become an advisor by selling what they know, on topics ranging from personal advice to computers and taxes. Advisors can create listings (on the website) and personal greetings (on the 800 number) to describe the information and advice they have to offer. Advisors set their own per-minute fee for each listing they create, keeping 62%.

Quality advice is ensured through Keen's consumer-based feedback and rating system, as well as through the credential verification service.

Concept: Getting Paid to Give Advice Online and Make Money in Home

Availability: No geographical restriction, anybody can join.

Payment Type: You'll receive payment via Express Pay, direct deposit or check.

Popularity: has 18845 traffic rank in world by alexa. is getting 58370 page views per day and making USD 177.56 daily.

Join Now Overview has 18845 traffic rank in world by alexa. is getting 58370 page views per day and making USD 177.56 daily. has 5410570 back links according to yahoo and currently not listed in Dmoz directory. is hosted in United States at LLC data center. is most popular in UNITED STATES. Estimated worth of is USD 129618.8 according to website outlook

How Does Works?

1. Start for Free

Whether you specialize in psychic readings, tarot, love or other offerings, listing your psychic services on KEEN has many benefits. There are no set-up fees, we don't earn money until you do, and we provide you with a rich set of tools and features for you to manage and grow your psychic advice business.

2. Create Your Psychic Advice Listing

It only takes a few minutes to set up your account, your live psychic listing and be part of the KEEN community. Creating a listing enables customers seeking psychic advice to easily find you through, 800-ASK-KEEN, KEEN partners and campaigns, mobile sites, and major search engines.

3. Get Your KEEN Number and tools

When you sign up, you get a free KEEN toll-free phone number that forwards customer calls to your private number (which is never revealed to consumers, not even on caller ID). You also get tools to manage customers, sell your services, promote your psychic business, and get paid.

4. Set Your Rates

You set your rates for phone calls and/or selling digital content through e-mail. How much are your time and psychic guidance worth? $2.99 a minute? $25 per email report? You decide.

5. Manage Your Availability

Quickly set your own hours, arrange appointments and only take calls when you want. You never have to worry about receiving calls during your off hours. Even when you can't take calls, you won't miss out on any opportunities.

6. Track Your Business

To help you analyze your business and maximize your results, KEEN offers a suite of reporting tools. Easily get details on all your individual calls, paid e-mails, transactions and time sold.

7. Reach Customers Through Our Network

When you create your psychic listing on KEEN, customers who need your help can find you in our directory of psychics and through our partner network. Your listing also may be found via major search engines. Try our Featured Listings program to increase your exposure and get top placement in your category.

8. Sell Psychic Insights Online and Offline
Take advantage of Pay-to-View e-mails and Buy Now buttons to sell your services online, anytime. Also place your KEEN Call Me buttons on websites, blogs, forums, in e-mails, etc., to dynamically display your real-time availability. Even when you're away from your computer, you can even service customers with your KEEN number.

9. Acquire New Customers
KEEN offers every new customer a free psychic reading when they use KEEN for the first time, and we pay you, the advisor, too. We'll also pay you a referral reward when you refer new customers to KEEN.

10. Publish a Psychic Blog
With your KEEN account and listing, create your own blog for no extra charge. Blogging is an effective way to get discovered, build your reputation, reach more people, and engage potential clients. Referral / Affiliate Program

You Get:

  • $100 bounty for every first-time paid caller.
  • 90-day window to turn a free caller into a paid caller.
  • Paid monthly when commissions exceed $25.

There are a number of benefits to joining the Keen Affiliate Program:

  • Enhance Your Content and Build Loyalty. Give your users something new that they'll keep coming back for by providing them with a convenient and private way to get live, personalized advice over their telephones.
  • Get More Revenue From Your Site. Joining our program is free, and you'll earn $100 for every new Keen member you refer who makes or takes one paid call. You can make even more money by becoming an advisor yourself, and getting paid for answering Keen Calls.
  • Connect Your Users to Any Topic, Category or Listing. Connecting to the category or topic most relevant to your users, or featuring your own advisor listings, will help you make a live, personal connection with your website's users.
  • Reliable Third-Party Tracking. Keen has partnered with Commission Junction to provide you with trusted third-party tracking, customized reporting and monthly commission checks with a $25 minimum payout.
  • Sales Tips. Keen provides you with great profit-enhancing tips like new site features, special promotions and other events through our quarterly affiliate newsletter.

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