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ChaCha Guides are curious, professional, Internet-savvy people, just like you, who enjoy learning new things, sharing their knowledge with others, and being part of a fun, diverse community. Sharp minds are important, but you do not actually have to be a ‘know-it-all’ to be a Guide.

Guides may be Generalists skilled at navigating the Web, Specialists with lots of passion and knowledge on a particular topic, Expeditors with a knack for fast-paced puzzle solving, or Transcribers who make ChaCha the smartest voice service in the world.

Concept: Get Paid to Answer Question Online and Make Money Easy

Availability: Only for US Residents.


  • ChaCha Guides must be 18+ years old, fluent in English, and have a U.S. mailing address. Guides must be authorized to work in the U.S. and must have a high-speed Internet connection in order to connect to ChaCha systems. Successful Guides love researching online and have excellent writing skills.

Payment Type: All payments are made in US Dollars. Payments are made either by check or via Paypal.

Popularity: has 1265 traffic rank in world by alexa. is getting 869565 page views per day and making USD 2611.34 daily.

Join Now Overview has 1265 traffic rank in world by alexa. is getting 869565 page views per day and making USD 2611.34 daily. has 6617542 back links according to yahoo and listed in Dmoz directory. is hosted in United States at nFrame data center. is most popular in UNITED STATES. Estimated worth of is USD 1.91 Million according to website outlook

How Does Works?

Guides have two ways to earn:

  • Guides can earn a set amount per task completed. Expeditors earn $0.02 cents per completed task and Transcribers $0.03 per completed task. Generalists & Specialists earn between $0.10 and $0.20 per completed task, based on the Category of the question.
  • Guides can also earn points for each search or task they complete. Expeditors and Transcribers earn 2 Points per completed task, and Generalists & Specialists earn 8 Points. Points are given a MINIMUM cash value at the beginning of each month. That value increases as the total number of sessions of all GuideShare guides increases. So, the more sessions you and the rest of the Guide population complete under Points mode, the more everyone’s Points are worth!

ChaCha is not designed to be a primary revenue source, but it can be more than chump change to those with a passion.

System Requirement recommends all Guides have a computer with a minimum of 512MB of RAM - 1GB is ideal. Currently, Guides are required to use Firefox (a free Web browser) and Flash. Operating Systems must be Windows, Mac, or Linux. A high-speed connection to the Internet is also necessary

How much am I expected to work at

Being a ChaCha Guide is one of the most flexible pursuits in the world, making it a great position for people with active lifestyles, existing commitments, or work limitations. There are no scheduled commitments of time, though logging in when demand is high relative to the Guide supply can lead to higher point levels. There is no minimum number of hours required per week. But as with any skill, the more time you put in, the more rewarding it will be - financially and otherwise. ChaCha Guides who take advantage of the valuable Internet resources, training, community interaction, and support that we provide will increase their earning potential. The hours are yours to decide.

Will I be an employee of ChaCha?

No. You will be working for ChaCha as an independent contractor. Guides must fill out a standard W-9 form as part of the Registration process and prior to beginning any work.

How does ChaCha registration work?

Click on the ‘Register’ button to go to the Guide Registration page and begin the process. Registration doesn’t take long, but it does require you to give some information about yourself, submit a W-9 form, and pass a compatibility assessment for the specific Guide Role you choose.

Once we’ve found the right role for you, you will receive a congratulatory email and be directed to orientation and training. After you’ve had a chance to digest the training, you will take a “Role Readiness Test” that confirms you’re ready to handle live customer questions. Completing the Readiness Test will activate you as a paid ChaCha Guide. Referral / Affiliate Program

No Referral Program.

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