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Contributing to Askables is fun, easy and profitable. You can take part by writing articles, adding your existing articles or answering questions.

You'll earn ongoing revenue for all your contributions as well as up-front cash payments for some*.
The more you contribute, the more you'll make.

Concept: Get Paid to Become an Expert Online and Make Money Easy

Availability: No geographical restrictions. Anybody can join.


  • Ranking is Very low. Site Navigation is too good; you can give it a try (Not Recommended).

Payment Type: All Payments are made in US Dollars via Paypal.

Popularity: has 3233748 traffic rank in world by alexa. is getting 340 page views per day and making USD 2.02 daily.

Join Now Overview has 3233748 traffic rank in world by alexa. is getting 340 page views per day and making USD 2.02 daily. has 13 back links according to yahoo and currently not listed in Dmoz directory. is hosted in New Zealand at TelstraClear Ltd data center. is most popular in. Estimated worth of is USD 1474.6 according to website outlook

How Does Askables.Com Work For You?

Points are awarded for doing various things on the site, such as writing an answer.
Askables is very new and that the point system is going to be finely tuned over the next few months based on feedback from members, so we can get the points just right and award points fairly.

At the moment, the core points awarded are:

  • Writing an ORIGINAL article: 60
  • Adding an existing article: 5
  • Adding an answer: 5
  • Having answer selected as the best answer: 15
  • Having answer selected as the best answer: 10

There are many other points as well, such as when you content gets rated up or down.
These numbers will be changing ever so slightly over the next month or two, as we watch and listen to feedback. Any points you've received till now, won't be reduced, but may increase, with these changes.

How do I get paid per post?

The payment per article is a one off payment for EVERY article posted in a calendar month, providing the following criteria are met:

  • You are of Expert or Top Expert status when writing the article.
  • Over the calendar month in question, you have contributed enough articles/answers to maintain that level for that month. See: Levels.
  • The article is ORIGINAL for Askables. This means the article cannot be published anywhere else on the web. After the month in question, you can republish Askables-original articles on your own blog, but not on other content syndication sites. I.e. Content can never be published on competing sites such as eHow or HubPages. Askables will check the originality and eligibility of all original articles. Referral / Affiliate Program

No Referral or affiliate program.

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